We are Sonia and David, two individuals with a passion for product design and a love for nature — nature makes us happy. We travelled a lot around the globe and learned to be respectful of it and to be mindful of our waste.

After having our children, we were reminded once again of how precious life is, how cautious we should be using chemical products and how we should care for the well-being of the planet — our legacy to them. We are always looking to make the most eco-friendly, natural and ethical choices when buying a product. But it was difficult, there wasn’t a single place to find a selection of products with these criteria; aesthetic, eco-friendly and natural.

This is where the idea started, wanting to play our part in bringing others closer to nature and offering them our products selection — Totem was born, a lifestyle store that offers a carefully curated collection of modern and design oriented products with an eco-friendly conscious.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

Our mission is to reduce waste and the use of harmful ingredients by offering natural and eco-friendly alternatives that are beautifully designed and crafted - we never compromise on quality or style.

Plastic Waste

Finding Plastic Alternatives

We always choose products that do not have any plastic packaging or plastic wrapping film. We do offer products that are made of hard plastic when we think it helps reduce day-to-day waste and are recyclable.

Natural Products

Most of our beauty products are 100% natural. Only a very few carefully selected items have a minimal amount of safe synthetic ingredients. We'll always favour 100% natural products (and label them accordingly) but sometimes it's about finding the right balance and the best alternatives.

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